Aroko Bio Engineering Co. has provided its services into the three major categories which are contained as below:

Designing facilities for Biopharma:

We have strong team for facility designing based on biopharma requirements:

> Viral/ Non-Viral facilities

> Live & dead zones in Biopharma

> Containment strategy in facility design

> Personnel/material fellow

> Area Qualification supports

We have risk based approach for facility design and we are following ISO 14644 & cGMP for Facility Design.

Consulting on Bioprocess Equipment Manufacturing:

We provide a complete guideline of the core equipment used in biopharmaceutical industries which include below activities:

> Preparing URS

> Bioreactor/Fermenter selection

> Process flow diagram

> Feeding strategy design

> Downstream process development

> Filtration system recommendation

> Commissioning support

Design, Manufacture, commission the total equipment for Production line:

> Bioreactors

> Fermenters

> Process Equipment - Media preparation tanks, Buffer preparation tanks

> Filtration systems like TFF

> Bio-kill systems - Batch & Continuous mode

We fabricate equipment according ASME section VIII as well as ASME BPE 2014 with a high level of documentation.

We do design for semi & fully automated systems with 21 CFR part 11 compliance.