Aroko Bioengineering manufactures stainless steel pilot scale to production scale Fermentors which are suitable for cultivation of microbial culture & bacterial derived protein. The characteristics of these fermenters are mentioned as below:

> Media preparation

>Media Sterilization

> Appropriate Mixing

> Sterile Harvesting

> Collection/ Holding

> Precipitation

> On line pH controlling

> On line feeding

> On line Foam controlling

Our Fermentors utilize robust, industry-standard components of reputed makes for easy integration into any production facility. Our designs come with the following advantages:

> Optimized design (H: D ratio optimization)

> Minimum space requirement

> Range: 5L – 2500L

>Flexibility in configuration to meet the budgets

> Design comply to ASME BPE and GAMP 5 guidelines

> Single / double mechanical seal

> Easy access during operation and routine maintenance

> Configurable control loops

> Safety features to protect the batch