The Company Background:

Aroko Bioengineering Co. was established in early 2013; based on necessity of the technical knowledge of Bioprocess & biotechnology manufacturing.

Aroko Bioengineering Co. has focused on consultation, design, manufacture and installation of process equipment in biotech field, in Iran and Middle-East.

Aroko following international standards and exploiting benefits of the modern machinery, has attempted to achieve its place into the top world’s manufacturers and to make it continuously present in this industry.

Biotechnology equipment manufacturing requires experience, expertise & quality based approach due to the high sensitivity and precision, thus; this was a great achievement which made the current company’s products; expanded in all over the area of biopharmaceutical manufacturers in order to satisfy the customers’ needs.

The use of up-to-date software, standards, technical codes and wide range of specialized productions in scale of the laboratory, pilot and industrial; have made Aroko Bioengineering Co. a pioneer in the field of biotechnology over the country.

Consent and trust of customers, global standard quality products and its varieties have made us a distinguished company Which makes us continuously present.

We hope that the existence experience, capabilities, scientific potential and executive at the Aroko Bioengineering co. could be used to serve the growing industries in the field of bioprocess and biotechnology in MENA region.